Welcome to the journey alonge the River Wye

Sit back, relax and soak up the surrounding sights whilst our local experienced captains navigate you through some of the most wonderful scenery in Britain.

Our comprehensive narrative will inform and guide you into getting the very best from your cruise. Leaping salmon, peregrine falcons and mink are all regularly sighted, although our local otters are a little more elusive! We will overlook the rapids where hillside streams babble into the river between mature woodlands of oak, ash, beech and cherry trees which are all set against the backdrop of views that extend over three counties. You will witness a hand crossing ferry taking passengers from either side of the River Wye as well as the rapids.

river wyeWYE VALLEY – AONB

Dappled wooded glades and awe inspiring views, stone forts and ruins dating back to several centuries, towering cliffs and gentle river meadows all hold the key to the lure of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Wye Valley swanAONB for short. It’s the combination of the dramatic and the peaceful which will make your cruise so memorable.